Lars Kemnitz Portrait

Hey folks, it's me – Lars Kemnitz. Visual Artist & Creative Director since 2010. Based in Hamburg, Germany.

I'm a digital native who's fascinated by all things analog. I'm a dreamer who believes in chance and magic. I'm a perfectionist who's drawn to imperfectness. I'm a liberal thinker who aims at pushing boundaries. I'm a traveller filled with wonder. I'm a grown-up child who's never stopped being curious. But above all else, I'm someone who simply loves what he does. No more, no less.

If you're interested in collaborating don't hesitate to drop me a line. I'm happy to hear from you: mail@larskemnitz.com

Online Features:

»Liquify« – UNCERTAIN Mag (Romania, 2019)

»In My Hood« – UNCERTAIN Mag (Romania, 2019)

»Private View« – UNCERTAIN Mag (Romania, 2018)

»Fever Dream« – Sticks & Stones Agency (Australia, 2018)

»Fever Dream« – Fashion Grunge (USA, 2018)

»Fever Dream« – UNCERTAIN Mag (Romania, 2018)

»Melon Days« – Cake Mag (Brazil, 2017)

»Ain't No Sunshine« – Fashion Grunge (USA, 2017)

»Ceuta« – No Substance (UK, 2017)

»Andalusia« – Self-Control Mag (Italy, 2016)

»Skater Girl« – Fashion Grunge (USA, 2016)

»Part of Me« – Ignant.de (Germany, 2016)

»Not Psycho« – Fashion Grunge (USA, 2016)

»Sporty Chic(k)« – Cake Mag (Brazil, 2016)


Shortlist – Athens Photo Festival 2019 (Greece, 2019)

Shortlist – Athens Photo Festival 2017 (Greece, 2017)


»S/W« – self-published – selekkt.com (Germany, 2014)

I've been blogging on Tumblr for many years now about fashion, photography, art and film. It's my way to share inspiration and thoughts with everybody interested. Feel free to drop by: larsfundbureau.com
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