All Plastic [Film]

»All Plastic« is a vertical video created for Instagram's IGTV and centers around our all use of plastic while critically questioning the purpose behind this practice. For more information please scroll down.
All Plastic – Click here to watch the video on Vimeo

[Click on the cover or here to watch the video on Vimeo]

We are surrounded by plastic in our everyday life. We are wearing it, we are wrapping food in it, we are protecting our belongings with it. It literally is everywhere around us – and inside us as well. That is the unpleasant reality. We do not even notice anymore how much we are relying on this one material which has the potential to ruin our planet – including us as human beings.

As a thought-provoking reminder I created this vertical video for Instagram's IGTV. It takes the form of a fashion/art video and combines animated 35mm pictures with text and music I wrote for this purpose. It is not easy to watch and is visually penetrating to an extreme extent.

The film features actress Alexa Harms.

Shot on KODAK GOLD 200 35mm film stock


Fashion Grunge (USA, 2020)

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