Bits + Pieces [Film]

»Bits + Pieces« is an experimental short film based upon a poem that takes you on a ferry trip through the harbor. For more information please scroll down.
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How does it feel to fall apart into bits and pieces? And what if the wind takes these bits and pieces on a journey? Maybe the wind knows way better than us where to go and where to stay and when to return to the point where it all began. This is a short film about thoughts and longing, about the wind and the sea. And about the harbor and the ferry as places that perfectly represent this kind of longing.

»Bits + Pieces« is based upon a poem that goes by the same name. It takes you on a melancholic, but hopeful journey.

The film was shot on 8 mm black-and-white film stock and is accompanied by text animations that where etched into 16 mm black film leader. This technique is called direct animation and is as old as the medium of film itself. The voice has been recorded with a dictaphone that uses mini cassettes.

Filmed on location in Hamburg, Germany and Gothenburg, Sweden in the summer months of 2022.

The film features actress Alexa Harms.

Shot on FOMAPAN R 100 double 8 mm film stock
With direct animation on black 16 mm film leader
Processing and telecine by MUTASCAN, Helsinki, Finland



Retrospective of Jupiter (Switzerland, 2023)

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