BUNNY [Film]

»BUNNY« is a short film made for the 2019 edition of the renowned Straight 8 competition in London. For more information please scroll down.

A woman, a man, a hotel room and a creepy bunny mask – that is all you need to know about this mysterious short film made for the 2019 edition of the renowned Straight 8 competition in London. Probably, there are as many valid interpretations of the story as there are viewers. But hey, isn't that something we all love about films – that they stay with us after watching, fueling our imagination and haunting us in our dreams?!

Doing a Straight 8 film is certainly the most challenging way to make a film, but at the same time a really rewarding experience. You shoot a whole film on one cartridge of super 8 with only in-camera edits and an original score produced blindly.

This is what the Straight 8 team says about »BUNNY«:

»Your film was (for the most part) beautifully made, in fact better made than many of the films that we did select for screenings. The thing that held it back from selection is that we all found it a little hard to understand the film, particularly with the vital title out of focus. [...] In such a competitive year, these decisions came down to very fine margins and you quite narrowly missed out on selection.«

PLEASE NOTE that the »vital title« has been added as a subtitle to this version to help you understand the story. So, this version is not 100% original, but 99,5%.

The film features actors Heidrun Fiedler and Jan Katzenberger.

Shot in January 2019 at Hotel Amsterdam in Hamburg, Germany.

Shot on KODAK VISION3 500T super 8 film stock
Processing and telecine by Cinelab London, UK


Y Frames Festival (Spain, 2019)

UNCERTAIN Mag (Romania, 2019)


Official Selection – Filmstock 12 Film Festival 2019 (UK, 2019)
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