Disposable Camera Project

This project started when I received a disposable camera from Disposable Magazine based in Los Angeles, USA. I always wanted to contribute because I love their idea of sending out disposable cameras to creative people all around the globe, who are free to capture what they like to and finally send the exposed cameras back. So, the magazine allows us to peek into the lives of very different people with very different backgrounds. I wanted to be part of that.

When the camera arrived towards the end of May 2019, my dear friend and long-time collaborator Heidrun was about to travel to Mongolia for the first time. And I convinced her to take the camera with her in order to shoot the first part of the film over there. After returning and telling me about what she had captured, it was my turn to give an appropriate photographic answer. I shot the second part at home in Hamburg and Kiel, Germany, and during a trip to Gothenburg, Sweden.

Hard to believe that this little plastic camera survived all the traveling and made its way finally back to L.A. It got developed there by the team of Disposable Magazine and the results have been published on their website in January 2020, accompanied by an interview Heidrun and I gave them. (Unfortunately, they seem to have discontinued their website which is a pity, so have a look at Instagram instead.) Our series is the last one published.

It was the first time Heidrun and I collaborated this way and it makes me happy that it worked out so well. Thanks so much! The pictures taken in Mongolia are shown here by courtesy of Heidrun Fiedler.
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