Double X w/ Heidrun

Model. Heidrun Fiedler

The idea to try out some double exposure ideas together was already there in June last year when I shot a roll of black-and-white film on the island of Rügen, mainly nature shots using a self-built kaleidoscope filter. I exposed the roll accordingly, so I could do a second exposure on top later. Half a year later Heidrun and I finally met. We added the second exposure with studio shots using a flashlight and thus made both exposures melt with each other. I brought as well an old color negative film with an expiry date in 2005. We used it to do two exposures in the studio: the first one with ambient light and slightly blurry, the second with flashlight. The resulting pictures literally blew us away.

A selection of pictures has been published by Fashion Grunge.

As this shooting marked the beginning of a new project, there is a lot more to discover over here: Double X.
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