since 2021

echolot records

I founded echolot as a DIY record label many many years ago when I was graduating from university. It was part of my final exam. And I wanted it to be a home for my music and those of my friends. We had three releases between 2011 and 2014. And then there were years of silence when I didn't release any music at all. In 2021 I revived the label and the idea and got back into producing on a regular basis, putting out the first new track in autumn 2021.

Since then there has been constant output on the label. Together with my dear friend Sönke Lehmann aka L'Man I'm taking care of everything, especially in terms of design it's always been my aspiration to create a unique visual language for echolot. The logo is still the original creation from 2010, but the rest has changed. You find here some examples from my work for the label.

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