Fever Dream – Artist Statement

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Often enough we find ourselves thinking about how we can leave reality behind for a while. And often enough dreaming is the easiest way to achieve that. Because in our dreams we are free. Freed from the burdens of daily life. Freed from social conventions and duties. We believe dreaming might bring relief. But this idea is elusive – in our dreams we are haunted by ourselves.

We are confronted with what lies beneath the surface of our being. Subconscious desires and fears can raise to the surface anytime while we are dreaming. Usually we are not able to remember what happened. Sometimes we are. To our surprise or to our horror our dreams can be very revealing. Certain dreams even turn out to be recurring – we experience the same dreams again and again…

»Fever Dream« is my attempt to explore these ideas through a conceptual photographic series drawing key inspiration from cinema. Even though the series is not telling a complete and cohesive story, it offers fragments of a potential story line. In order to create the impression of being trapped in a recurring dream I have spread the pictures over 15 tableaus. These tableaus are designed to work as an infinite stream of images which is constantly looping. So there is neither a real beginning nor end.

The series has been shot in March and April 2018.
There are two versions: the editorial version 1 and version 2 featuring 15 tableaus. Version 2 contains additional material taken from my archive.


Fashion Grunge (USA, 2018)

UNCERTAIN Mag (Romania, 2018)

Sticks & Stones Agency (Australia, 2018)

I would like to thank my dear friend Heidrun Fiedler for her collaboration. It has always been a great pleasure, for so many years now. Thank you!
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