La robe rouge [Film]

»La robe rouge« is a short film about a young woman who becomes involved in supernatural events when she discovers a red dress hanging on a tree. For more information please scroll down.
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When a young wanderer discovers a red dress hanging on a tree, she is immediately fascinated by it. But she has no idea what will happen once she tries it on.

»La robe rouge« (translated to »The Red Dress«) has been made for the 5th edition of Neuchâtel Super 8 Film Festival that took place in October 2023 in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. The films made for the festival have to be shot on one cartridge of super 8 film stock with only in-camera edits. An original score has to be produced blindly without having seen the film. In French this way of making films is called »tourné-monté«. The films are projected at the festival and the filmmakers experience their films for the very first time together with a live audience.

The film was shot in Le Noirmont in the Jura Mountains and in Basel, Switzerland, in July 2023.

»[...] Kemnitz crafts a mesmerizing tale in the rural landscapes of Switzerland. Michèle Bielser’s silent performance takes center stage, steering the narrative without the crutch of dialogue, adding an intriguing layer to the film’s mystique [...] Kemnitz skillfully captures these moments with artistic finesse, leveraging the aesthetic charm of Super 8 film to its full potential. The narrative, infused with a nod to fantasy author C. S. Lewis in its conclusion, is a testament to Kemnitz’s prowess in storytelling [...]

The film’s overall allure lies not just in its captivating mystery but also in the commendable acting, the seamless integration of the Super 8 medium, and the enchanting connection with nature’s scenic beauty, making it a truly unique and memorable cinematic experience.«

Short Films Matter

»We will be featuring your film on our website (editor's note: home page feature) [...] because your film is stunning and we thoroughly enjoy it.«

Beyond the Short

»Great work.«

Beau Farrell, Vimeo Staff Pick curation team

»A fantasy realm marked by a woman in a red attire coupled with the imagery of a wolf, the call of the wild, and the howls that draw her deeper; a mysterious magical wardrobe that leads her to a room – all of these visuals together constitute a space of fairy tales and fantasy, and the many secrets they harbor within. Shot primarily in the outdoors, the film further presents a warmth of visuals in its grammar while portraying its sole character with only nature as her companion.

[...] All of these together allow it to be a technical triumph, even if leaving the door open for more similar engagements with the characters and spaces conjured for the viewer in the existing project.«


The film features actress Michèle Bielser.

Shot on KODAK EKTACHROME 100 D super 8 film stock
Processing by ANDEC Filmtechnik, Berlin, Germany
Telecine by GRANDMARQUIS, Biel, Switzerland



Shorted (USA, 2024)

Beyond the Short (Canada, 2024)

Retrospective of Jupiter (Switzerland, 2023)

Short Films Matter (Australia, 2023)



5th Neuchâtel Super 8 Film Festival, Switzerland

Official Premiere – 5th Neuchâtel Super 8 Film Festival (Switzerland, 2023)
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