The Scarecrow [Film]

»The Scarecrow« is a short film about the unlikely encounter of two outsiders in the midst of winter and the magic that happens as a result. For more information please scroll down.
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When a lonely scarecrow decides to leave its place far out on a field and runs into a funny vagabond, magical things start to happen.

This unlikely encounter of two outsiders is full of melancholy and humor. We shot it in the midst of winter for the 2022 edition of London-based Straight 8 competition which is all about making a short film on one cartridge of Super 8 with only in-camera edits and an original score produced blindly. In French this style of filmmaking is called »tourné-monté« and it is an art form in its own right.

Filmed on location in Hamburg, Germany in January 2022.

»Lars Kemnitz has crafted an endearing tale with artistic craftmanship throughout. The musical soundtrack, composed by Kemnitz, plays a pivotal role in delivering the film’s tone – which finely balances both jubilation and despair. The super 8-mm cinematography, combined with decorative post-production, gives the film a day-dream quality that will certainly keep viewers engaged. Alexa Harms and Niklas Leifert portray their quaint characters masterfully – a fine collaboration that will bring glee to the audience. A charming watch. Highly recommended.«

Short Films Matter

The film features the actors Alexa Harms and Niklas Leifert.

Shot on KODAK VISION3 50D super 8 film stock
Processing and telecine by Cinelab London, UK



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