This Is Home

When the pandemic threat urged everyone to isolate at home in Spring 2020, I felt lucky to live close to nature. What I call home is a small flat in the suburban northwest of Hamburg, Germany. My neighborhood is quite green and quiet and during lock down it became an almost daily ritual to take long walks in the evening. I discovered new spots and saw beauty in little details and so I started to take pictures while walking. Often I was fascinated by the play of light and shadow and the way certain scenes were lit. It was more about the atmosphere and the feeling in that moment than it was about the subject itself.

In 2018, after realizing that I had been living in my neighborhood for ten years, I did a similar project and called it »In My Hood«. I followed the same kind of emotional documentary approach and now, two years later, it was interesting to see how things have changed in the meantime. And to capture those spots which I had not known back then. Doing this project really helped me to stay creative and make the most of the situation.

Find the series in its entirety here on Lens Culture.
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