Come Here, My Dear! [Film]

»Come Here, My Dear!« is a short film about a man who is lured into the woods by a mysterious woman. For more information please scroll down.
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A man is lured into the woods by a mysterious woman. Feeling perplexed in the first place, his curiosity turns into a true nightmare when he discovers that he is actually haunted by his past.

»Come Here, My Dear!« is a black-and-white horror/mystery short film shot on super 8 film stock. It is loosely connected to my 2019 Straight 8 short film »BUNNY« and can be considered a second chapter. If you have not seen »BUNNY«, yet, it is perfectly fine, because both films stand on their own.

The film was shot in Hamburg, Germany, in January and March 2020.

»Great piece of horror!«

Retrospective of Jupiter

»The film incorporates a variety of references. That's beautiful. Maybe this is how Buñuel would have staged a surrealist dream.«

Daniel Blum, TV editor

»Such an ominous atmosphere [...]—we love these mind bender type films. The particular style [...] really is brilliant. It reminds us of our favorite silent era horror films like Nosferatu or The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.«

Beyond the Short

»The follow-up to his equally mysterious Bunny, Kemnitz’ latest instalment sees another romantic rendezvous become embroiled in a malaise of uncertainty. It’s an alluringly puzzling short film which we, for one, hope to see him follow up for a third time.«

James Maitre, founder of online magazine Twelve Cabins

The film features actors Heidrun Fiedler and Jan Katzenberger.

Shot on KODAK TRI-X super 8 film stock
Processing and telecine by ON8MIL, London, UK


Think Shorts (Australia, 2021)

The Film Fund (USA, 2020)

Twelve Cabins (UK, 2020)

Beyond the Short (Canada, 2020)

Retrospective of Jupiter (Switerland, 2020)


Official Selection – 1st Nova Cinema Film Festival (Italy, 2021)


Best Horror Short Film – 1st Nova Cinema Film Festival (Italy, 2021)

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