If You Had Known [Film]

»If You Had Known« is a short film about a woman who suddenly sees herself confronted with strange occurrences. For more information please scroll down.
If You Had Known – Click here to watch the video on Vimeo

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After discovering a briefcase on a bench in the woods, a woman suddenly sees herself confronted with a series of strange occurrences.

»If You Had Known« is a black-and-white horror/mystery short film shot on super 8 film stock. It marks the third and final chapter of the so-called »BUNNY Trilogy«. Watching the other two chapters »BUNNY« and »Come Here, My Dear!« is not necessary to enjoy this one, but warmly recommended nonetheless.

The film was shot in Hamburg, Germany, in October and November 2020.

»One of the first articles we covered here at Twelve Cabins was on Lars Kemnitz’ BUNNY, a mysterious and beguiling short film that kept us gripped with its strange aura and ambiguous narrative. We then covered his follow up short Come Here, My Dear!, an equally brilliant and perplexing work which extended the mythology of his first short whilst maintaining its puzzling nature. Now we find ourselves here, today, premiering the finale of his trilogy If You Had Known, the perfect summation of Kemnitz’ artistic vision which begs to be interpreted in many ways.«

James Maitre, founder of online magazine Twelve Cabins

The film features actresses Heidrun Fiedler and Alexa Harms as well as actor Jan Katzenberger.

Shot on KODAK TRI-X super 8 film stock
Processing and telecine by ON8MIL, London, UK


The Film Fund (USA, 2022)

Think Shorts (Australia, 2021)

Retrospective of Jupiter (Switzerland, 2021)

Twelve Cabins (UK, 2021)


Best Horror Short Film – 2nd Nova Cinema Film Festival (Italy, 2022)

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